Our mission is to provide comprehensive educational programs using research-based “best practices.” These programs are designed to increase student interest in academics and to promote good citizenship through instruction in conflict management and character education.

KSA’s educational programs are delivered by an energetic faculty and staff who provide challenging learning activities that prepare students for a constantly changing and complex world.


  • Provide a safe, warm, and loving atmosphere
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate learning experiences
  • Promote nutritional education and good eating habits
  • Promote health and safety education
  • To meet each child’s physical needs.
  • Assist each child in becoming self sufficient
  • Work with families to increase their understanding and awareness of their child’s development
  • Provide support to families through open and honest communication and by encouraging involvement tactfully and discreetly.
  • To provide ample opportunity for the use of large motor skills and outdoor activity.